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Beautiful tasks on iPhone, iPad & Mac.


Smart lists help you to get organized. All tasks of the day (and unchecked tasks from past) show up right when you open the app. Stay on top of daily chores and whatever it is, you want to get done for the day.
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Create lists for anything: Homework, Household, Work, Business or even Rocket Science. It's up to you how you want to organize your life and lists make that a loooot easier.
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Your tasks shine as bright as never before. As every list has it's own color palette, each task will get it's unique color, which makes your tasks not just easy to check, but also beautiful to look at.
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Concentrate on the important things in life. Set a task's priority to check it first.

Due Date

Planning is crucial. Give your tasks a due date to know when they need to be done.


Visuals are appealing. Select one of many beautiful icons for each of your list.


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Available for iOS & iPadOS

Available for macOS